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AMA volunteers have impact. They play an active part in Toronto’s business community, helping develop and deliver our programs. AMA has helped marketers connect, learn and grow to reach their potential for more than 60 years.

AMA volunteers boost their careers. AMA opens doors. Our volunteers develop expertise and management skills, and their industry profile. Many of our volunteers have built their careers and their networks through AMA.

AMA volunteers have fun in a multitude of ways. Our more than 45 volunteers are part of a fun and dedicated group that run our organization, plan and host events, develop and implement communications, interact with our members, partners and sponsors and work on special projects. There’s many ways to get involved.

Volunteer opportunities

Have a look at the position posted here. If you'd like to learn more, please send me an email at:
IMPORTANT: To volunteer, you must be a current member of AMA Toronto. If you aren't already a member, JOIN TODAY!

VP Membership

Are you a strategic business professional with at least 10 years of work experience and a database of connections? Are you an enthusiastic leader and networker who enjoys meeting new people and making them feel a welcome part of a community?

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Sponsorship Director

Do you enjoy business development, account management and making connections in the business community? We’re looking for experienced professionals with 5-10 years of sponsorship development experience who have the skills and commitment to help lead our sponsorship team.

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Can you break through message clutter with concise and compelling copy that draws attention and drives action? AMA Toronto is looking for an experienced copywriter who would like to volunteer those skills to help AMA promote its organization, events and programs across our multiple communications channels.

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Membership Director

Are you a business professional with at least 3 years of work experience who enjoys meeting new people and making them feel a welcome part of a community?

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Sponsorship Manager

Do you enjoy business development, account management and making connections in the business community? As an AMA Sponsorship Manager you will work with the VP and Directors of Sponsorship and other AMA volunteers to recruit, lead and manage the sponsorships that help AMA succeed. You will ensure your portfolio of sponsors benefit from their relationship with AMA Toronto and in turn deliver value for the chapter.

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Nominee Research Manager – MHOL

Do you like to keep your finger on the marketing industry’s pulse? Are you interested in learning more about the people that have helped shape Canada’s business landscape? Can you chase down and use multiple sources of information to put together a professional and compelling business case?

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Meet Our Volunteers

Steve Bottjer

Steve is a volunteer on our Marketing Communications committee. He’s a recent recipient of AMA Toronto’s Volunteer Recognition award for his above and beyond contributions.

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Balaji (Bala) Raghavan

Bala works on our Partnership team. He helps AMA Toronto find in- kind partners to support our programs. He’s a recent recipient of AMA Toronto’s Volunteer Recognition award.

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Jennifer He

Jennifer has been a volunteer with AMA Toronto's Exchange program for the past two years. In this role, she attracts new mentees and mentors to the program.


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Catherine White

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Xzavier Ramphal

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Unlike other marketing and professional organizations, AMA Toronto is a communicty that is run and supported solely through volunteers.

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