Volunteer & Connect with your Professional Community

AMA volunteers have impact. They play an active part in Toronto’s business community, helping develop and deliver our programs. AMA has helped marketers connect, learn and grow to reach their potential for more than 60 years.

AMA volunteers boost their careers. AMA opens doors. Our volunteers develop expertise and management skills, and their industry profile. Many of our volunteers have built their careers and their networks through AMA.

AMA volunteers have fun in a multitude of ways. Our more than 45 volunteers are part of a fun and dedicated group that run our organization, plan and host events, develop and implement communications, interact with our members, partners and sponsors and work on special projects. There’s many ways to get involved.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Have a look at the position posted here. If you'd like to learn more, please send me an email at: Debbie.bolton@ama-toronto.com
IMPORTANT: To volunteer, you must be a current member of AMA Toronto. If you aren't already a member, JOIN TODAY!

Social Channel Manager

Do you stay on top of the trends in the marketing/digital space? Are you familiar with a variety of social channels and able to produce relevant and compelling social content that gets attention? Do you want to work with a fun but professional team to organize and drive outstanding results efficiently and on-time?

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Director Volunteers

Are you a seasoned and proactive marketing/business professional with 7+ years experience? Do you understand the importance of recruiting, onboarding and engaging the right people to build a strong and productive brand community? Do you have the people skills and empathy to understand, engage and motivate volunteers to support AMA Toronto’s brand mission and community?

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Graphic Designer

Are you an experienced graphic design professional who can marry a keen design sense while following the disciplines of clear cut brand guidelines? Do you have a creative mind that thoroughly understands design and layout? Do you have excellent Photoshop skills? If you know how to add value and direction while being able to turn around design projects quickly, we might have the position for you.

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VP Finance

Are you a strategic business professional and a savvy financial manager with at least 10 years of work experience? Are you an enthusiastic leader and networker? Do you juggle priorities successfully and have the flexibility, bandwidth and commitment to lead and participate in AMA Toronto’s programs? Do you have the collaborative skills to work effectively and efficiently with other teams and partners?

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Email Manager

Are you a communications professional who knows how to unleash the potential of email? Do you know how to develop and deliver an email strategy that drives action? Are you an expert in segmenting and managing a database? Do you know how to measure your results and refine your approach for future success?

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Event Communications Managers

Are you a great communicator who can cut through the clutter of your audience’s information overload with interesting and relevant content? Do you know how to seamlessly adapt and deliver a compelling message across multiple communications platforms? Do you take your commitments seriously when working with a team to organize and drive outstanding results efficiently and on-time?

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Sponsorship Director

Do you enjoy business development, account management and making connections in the business community? We’re looking for experienced professionals with 5-10 years of sponsorship development experience who have the skills and commitment to help lead our sponsorship team.

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Membership Director

Are you a business professional with at least 3 years of work experience who enjoys meeting new people and making them feel a welcome part of a community?

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Sponsorship Manager

Do you enjoy business development, account management and making connections in the business community? As an AMA Sponsorship Manager you will work with the VP and Directors of Sponsorship and other AMA volunteers to recruit, lead and manage the sponsorships that help AMA succeed. You will ensure your portfolio of sponsors benefit from their relationship with AMA Toronto and in turn deliver value for the chapter.

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Meet Our Volunteers

Alvaro Rivera

Alvaro is a volunteer on our Strategy & Insights committee. He manages our analytics platform and is an active member and valuable contributor to the AMA Toronto community.

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Steve Bottjer

Steve is a volunteer on our Marketing Communications committee. He’s a recent recipient of AMA Toronto’s Volunteer Recognition award for his above and beyond contributions.

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Balaji (Bala) Raghavan

Bala works on our Partnership team. He helps AMA Toronto find in- kind partners to support our programs. He’s a recent recipient of AMA Toronto’s Volunteer Recognition award.

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Xzavier Ramphal

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Varun Chandrekasar

Varun is a Partner Marketing Manager who collaborates with AMA Toronto’s Marketing Communications team to drive greater overall value for our partners, sponsors, and members.

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Unlike other marketing and professional organizations, AMA Toronto is a communicty that is run and supported solely through volunteers.

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