VP Finance


Are you a strategic business professional and a savvy financial manager with at least 10 years of work experience? Are you an enthusiastic leader and networker? Do you juggle priorities successfully and have the flexibility, bandwidth and commitment to lead and participate in AMA Toronto’s programs? Do you have the collaborative skills to work effectively and efficiently with other teams and partners?

As VP Finance you will take an active role on our board and in the AMA community. You will help set our strategic direction and specifically oversee the finances and budgeting process for the chapter. The VP Finance is a member of the AMA Toronto Executive committee.


Your responsibilities would include:
  • Understanding and helping to set the financial priorities and procedures for the chapter.
  • Developing an annual financial strategic plan, and collaborating with the Executive and portfolio VPs to develop reasonable budgets.
  • Working with the AMA Toronto Executive and VPs to help set and adhere to the agreed budgets and financial processes.
  • Ensuring that AMA financials consistently follow accepted financial principals for businesses and specifically not-for-profits.
  • Working with our administrative partner, Managing Matters to oversee annual, monthly and day-to-day financial reporting and administration.
  • Providing monthly financial reporting to the AMA board.
  • Looking for financial opportunities for the chapter in terms of increased revenues and reduced costs.
  • Consult with the AMA Toronto Executive as needed to address board governance.

If you are interested we’d love to speak with you. Please contact: Debbie.bolton@ama-toronto.com

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If you are interested we’d love to speak with you.

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