Sponsorship Manager


Do you enjoy business development, account management and making connections in the business community? As an AMA Sponsorship Manager you will work with the VP and Directors of Sponsorship and other AMA volunteers to recruit, lead and manage the sponsorships that help AMA succeed. You will ensure your portfolio of sponsors benefit from their relationship with AMA Toronto and in turn deliver value for the chapter.


Your responsibilities would include:
  • Identifying sponsor prospects who are aligned with AMA’s strategic priorities
  • Recommending and facilitating introductions to potential sponsors and helping drive pitch activities
  • Collaborating with other AMA teams (such as communications, events, etc) to identify the needs for the relationship and setting the parameters for smooth execution of the partnership through AMA work-flow and deliverables
  • Negotiating and closing agreements as well as contract renewals
  • Supervising the management and execution of the agreements to make sure each party delivers on its commitments and is satisfied with the relationship
  • Taking initiative to grow the sponsor relationship .
  • Evaluating the relationship and provide recommendations to the VP and Director of Sponsorship
  • Motivating volunteers to meet and exceed the sponsorship objectives

If you are interested we’d love to speak with you. Please contact: Debbie.bolton@ama-toronto.com

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If you are interested we’d love to speak with you.

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