Event Communications Managers


Are you a great communicator who can cut through the clutter of your audience’s information overload with interesting and relevant content? Do you know how to seamlessly adapt and deliver a compelling message across multiple communications platforms? Do you take your commitments seriously when working with a team to organize and drive outstanding results efficiently and on-time? 


AMA Toronto is looking for passionate and expert communications professionals to help us promote our learning and networking events. Events are one of the most high profile things we do for our community and this role is an important position within our Marketing and Communications team. As a Communications Manager you will have opportunities to learn and grow as you work with a variety of our volunteers, showcase your skills and build your network. If you enjoy being at the hub of an organization it’s a great opportunity.


Your responsibilities would include:
  • Developing communications for 3-5 events annually.
  • Working with the Event Lead/Owner and the Director of Event Communications to develop insightful and compelling communications based on the Event brief.
  • Working with the Event Manager to develop and implement a workback schedule.
  • Working with the event team to ensure all communication objectives are met.
  • Developing communications that leverage the advantages of our multiple communications platforms: email, website, Globe and Mail ads, brochures, on-site signage, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, our newsletter and other communications as appropriate.
  • Providing communications templates that can be easily shared by our volunteer community with their networks.

If this sounds like the opportunity for you, we’d love to speak with you. Please contact: Debbie.bolton@ama-toronto.com

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