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The advancements in retail, marketing and technology have swept in at lightspeed. Now that we’ve kicked 2020 to the curb, it’s time to plan for what’s next.  Maybe you’re doubling down on your specific area of digital expertise or wanting to upskill. Either way, you’ll want to better understand the role of technology in reshaping the retail and media landscape in these turbulent times.


Enter DX3 CANADA. The timing couldn’t be better for this year’s biggest retail, marketing and technology event, which happens March 2 to 5. Now in its 10th year, DX3 is focusing on resilience, which is exactly what we all need in these three sectors. Much of the fallout from months of lockdowns and restrictions is still to come.  According to a new study by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) 15% of companies in the retail sector are likely to go out of business. 


As we grow weary of expectations to adapt, pivot and be agile, the reality is that we must be resilient. And invite diverse perspectives. Discover new channels. What new technologies can we embrace? How can we innovate and rebuild? 


“Technology is playing a critical role in reshaping the retail and media landscape

in these changing times.” - DX3 CANADA


What’s New at DX3?

Everything. Last year’s conference was abruptly shut down after just one day due to the global pandemic. This year DX3 is virtual and features more than 56 episodes streaming over 4 days. But don’t worry about Zoom fatigue setting in because you can watch on-demand afterwards. 


The event is structured and focused on three content streams: 

  1. The Retail Summit, focused on strategy, technology and operations
  2. Marketing & Innovation Summit, geared to marketers and media
  3. Generational Summit, targeting by Millennials, GenZ and Gen Alpha


AMA Toronto’s President Miglena Nikolova is moderating two must-see roundtables for marketers.



1. The Evolving Role of the CMO in the Digital Space
March 3 at 11:00 a.m. 


“Buyers are looking for a more tailored and personalized experience, and marketing plays a crucial role in spreading this message.” - DX3 CANADA



The rapid changes underway require marketers and companies to adopt new skills and tools. The growing importance of data and analytics in understanding consumer insights and behaviour is just one of the challenges and opportunities for marketers. Learn from industry leaders and get inspired by this panel of thought leaders.


  • How are evolving technologies increasing challenges for marketers? 
  • Understanding the challenges and creating opportunities for consumers
  • How to manage the complexities and shape the company’s brand?

Panelists include: Stephen Bailey, CMO, John Fluevog Shoes; Allison Humphries, VP of Strategies, Appnovation; Susan Irving, CMO, Kruger Products L.P.; and Trinh Tham, CMO, Harry Rosen.



2. DX3 Talks: The Importance of Mentorship in Driving Your Personal Growth and Career
March 3 at 1:00 p.m. 


Today’s job market is tough. We get it. Not only is it tough to find one but it’s tough to thrive in one. If you’re anxious about growing your career, mentorship can be a driving force to help get you there.  Learning from the experiences of a trusted mentor can be invaluable. Better still, having more than one mentor can provide a 360-degree view of yourself to set the stage upon which you can grow both personally and professionally.



“In a recent study, 75% of executives credited Mentorship as the single

driving force in helping them reach their current position.” - business2community.com



Join Miglena’s panel on mentorship and participate in lively conversations in breakout rooms.

  • What are the benefits of mentorship?
  • What is the difference between a Mentor, a Sponsor and an Executive Coach?
  • How can you find a mentor?


Panelists include:

  • Craig Lund, VP Mentorship, AMA Toronto and President, Marketing Talent Inc.
  • Pina Sciarra, Managing Director, ACCENTURE and Alumni Mentor, Mentor Exchange
  • Yasmin Pallan, Office of the CHRO, SCOTIABANK; Mentor, Mentor Exchange and AMA Advisory Board Member
  • Sue Austin, Leadership & Team Certified Coach & CEO, At The Junction Consulting
  • Dr. Alan Middleton, Speaker, Author and long-time Director of the Schulich Executive Education Centre

Building your brand and staying relevant has never been more challenging than in today’s competitive environment. Discover emerging technologies and enhance your user experience. 


AMA Toronto’s partnership with DX3 can help. Check your inbox for a special offer for members only that will provide full complimentary access to the event.


For non-members, AMA Toronto has also secured a free ShowFloor pass providing access to the workshops and keynotes. Use promo code DX3TALKS.


Register today.



For a sneak peak video for DX3, click the thumbnail image below.




Written by Wendy Greenwood, VP, Thought Leadership and Board Member, AMA Toronto



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