The Importance of Mentorship in the face of COVID by David Kincaid



We have a wonderful program planned in the face of the largest single challenge any of us will probably face in the course of our career.  


We are living history and creating it.  We are set on a new path to redefine mentorship going forward. In my ten years of observation and 40 years of career experience, I have been fortunate to have 2-3 very strong mentors that have helped me navigate and succeed.  


Mentorship is not just about career development as much as it is about a much bigger relationship, community and network. Mentorship is about sharing experiences, perspectives, ideas, creativity,  and problems both personally and professionally.   It provides a network and community to turn to and share.  Mentorship is a two-way relationship.  We as mentors take away as much as the mentees that we are honoured to work with.  We may have more experience but we learn, grow and experience much as part of this process. 


Mentorship is a bigger concept and a proactive leadership stance - it has grown in size, impact and influence over the past 10 years and plays a significant role in the development and support of the marketing community.  Mentorship is the glue that keeps our marketing community in Canada together, vibrant and growing.  It is a wonderful thing to be a part of. 


We are living history right now.  The level of change both professionally and personally can impact us in different ways.  We can look at it as glass-half-empty, a threat or problem that can paralyze us. Or, we can embrace it as half-full, and with change comes opportunity.  Mentorship in the face of COVID can be a positive influence to support and manage change both professionally and personally.  I look forward to meeting, learning and growing with many of you as we launch our 11th year of this important program. 


David Kincaid is the Managing Partner and CEO of Level 5 Strategy, co-chair of AMA Toronto's Mentor Exchange program, a longtime mentor and a 2013 Canada's Marketing Hall of Legend inductee.



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