If you work in the Canadian marketing, communications, and advertising industry, October 16th marked a special day: NABS Day.


NABS Day is held in support of the National Advertising Benevolent Society, a unique charity that supports the health and well-being of professionals who have spent more than two thirds of their careers in organizations that are involved in the creation, production and placement of advertising.


NABS has helped close to 3000 individuals and their families. One of them is Peter Vaz.


Over 23 years the veteran of McCann Canada had worked his way to VP, Director of Channel Marketing. In February, Peter started having back problems. He visited a doctor, and was diagnosed with ALS. His prognosis: terminal. After, as Peter struggled to adapt and come to grips with the ominous news, a colleague recommended NABS.


“It was amazing,” he said in a livestreamed interview.


NABS renovated Peter’s home, adding a ramp to ensure that he could continue to live in his own residence even in a wheelchair. NABS also provided financial consulting and counselling. The support made a huge difference not only to his living conditions, but his outlook.


“I could have been hit by a bus and gone the same day. That could potentially happen. But here, I have a chance to live another day and do the best I can. And this is how I can give back. Enjoy every day of your life, you never know what will come next.”


Peter is a testament to the difference NABS can make. In addition to financial consulting and counselling, NABS provides a 24 hour helpline, and career management support. From physical or mental illness, to career guidance, to unemployment, NABS connects marketers and their families with free, confidential access to valuable support and services.


As Peter Vaz says, “We have a unique organization that helps and looks after people.”


Go to to donate and learn more.

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