Mentor Exchange: Mentorship as a leadership capability



This summer our eleventh cohort of Mentees in the Mentor Exchange program will graduate, adding another 50 names to our roster of over 500 alumni. 


Following a positive experience in the program, we were hearing from many of our grads that they wanted to continue to be involved in mentorship and in fact, are looking for an opportunity to become mentors.  While the Mentor Exchange program mentors were CMO and executive-level contributors,  this seasoned group of engaged Mentor Exchange alumni, were ready to further develop their leadership skills while giving back - but not yet quite ready to take on a role as a Mentor in Mentor Exchange.


About five years ago, David Kincaid, Co-chair of the Mentor Exchange program recognized this opportunity for AMA Toronto to maintain a connection with this engaged group.  He also noticed that some of the people once they graduated from the Mentor Exchange program leave the AMA altogether.  


Kincaid described it; "Our Advisory council,  all senior marketers and Mentors themselves – knew we couldn’t let this special interest and program loyalty go to waste; so after many meetings and discussions, we decided to create a new level of mentorship. One targeting the needs of entry-level and more junior marketers.  But providing a valued Mentor/Mentee experience, for marketers at a different stage of their career (and life). We had the Mentor candidates – and we knew finding interested Mentees would not be an issue. From that, the AMA Career Accelerator program was born.”


Flash forward to now, we are in the midst of our fourth year of Career Accelerator with over 80 participants paired up.  New this year we have partnered with CMA NXT to further enhance the success of the program by delivering high-quality content and more nudges to keep meeting cadence on track and support mentors and mentees alike.  

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing you to several of our current Mentor Exchange grads who are now honing their leadership skills as they mentor the next generation of aspiring leaders.   


We think it’s important to make these opportunities available to our Mentor Exchange graduates.  Volunteering is the most valuable experience we can offer our members as it's yet another opportunity to develop your leadership potential, be it through a committee role or by becoming a mentor. 


Mentor Exchange intake is opening July 1st, 2020 – If you are a marketing professional who is at least 30 years of age, and interested in developing your leadership potential, sign up here to receive an email reminder so that you don’t miss the deadline.


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