Future-proofing your marketing career in the AI era



AI – typically known as ‘Artificial Intelligence’ but redefined by IBM CEO Ginny Rometty to mean ‘Augmented Intelligence’ – is becoming a must-have technology for marketers and sellers alike. Its disruptive powers are arming marketing professionals with valuable insights about customers at every touchpoint, enabling them to create and deliver the personalized, intuitive experiences customers expect and marketers need.


The speed and volume of ad tech and marketing transactions now happen by the microsecond. If you aren’t doing the analytics that give you the insights to target and win your client and give them the personalized experience they expect, someone else is. With this new benchmark in the industry, machine learning and cognitive services are differentiating advertising and marketing leaders from the competition. Analyst firm Gartner reports that 89% of marketers expect customer experience to be their primary differentiator. But is the industry ready to use AI to achieve this?


This summer, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 525 CMOs and 389 heads of sales across 18 industries to explore the extent to which they are prepared to embrace cognitive technology. Nearly two-thirds (64 %) said their industries are ready to adopt AI solutions within the next three years, but acknowledge they aren’t sure their organizations are set up to make a successful transition.


How to future-proof your career in the AI era


Up your skills game: Many marketing teams say they are well on their way to their own digital transformations – so if you don’t have the skills to help drive that transformation, you should. The CMOs and sales leaders surveyed responded that they expect the implementation of cognitive computing to impact their employees’ roles.


Demonstrate your expertise: Marketing and sales executives see the lack of these skillsets among their teams as a significant barrier for cognitive implementation. With cognitive solutions providing the data and the analytics, marketing teams will need people who can interpret these insights, determine what the implications are for their business, and use those insights to create new, disruptive approaches to winning in their business. Show your leaders that you can do that.


Become an AI evangelist: Someone needs to drive the transformation in your marketing team. Implement a change management plan that covers education, communication, and leadership buy-in. While the integration of Cognitive in marketing is well underway, it is still at the stage where it can become a differentiator to your customers. Leading that charge will also differentiate you from your peers in your industry.


Nobody can say for certain how exactly AI will change your industry, but taking these steps will ensure that your business is ready to begin meeting them, whatever they may be.

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