Exploring mobile traffic and what it means for a marketer



Mobile traffic now exceeds any other form of Internet connection worldwide and connects nearly 5 million smartphone users globally. According to data from Playmobi, the average mobile device user spends over 4 hours of their day on average online, glued to their mobile devices using both mobile web and mobile apps to interact, socialize, communicate, research and entertain themselves. With mobile traffic volumes exploding and no end in sight, we explore the top draws of mobile traffic usage and how a marketer can capitalize on the growing segment.


Messenger Apps

One of the primary ways users use their mobile devices is through messenger apps. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger are the two largest of these platforms that connect most of the humanity. WhatsApp users alone send over 42 billion messages daily and make over 150 million voice and video calls. Knowing this, a marketer should administer some form of the communication channel, using one or more of these platforms, to better reach out to customers.

Another good use for this traffic is to implement a campaign sending coupons, special offers or sales to customers’ mobiles through messenger apps. In order to do this, brands and marketers should be collecting their customers’ contact information in order to set up mass messenger campaigns.


Social Media Apps

Social media including, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are highly trafficked platforms from mobile. Facebook alone has 1.4 billion likes to content every day from mobile and a further 25 million comments and 72 million shares. With such impressive traffic and engagement rates, a social media campaign is a must for the modern marketer. Building strong social media pages and profiles for your brand will go a long way to using that mobile traffic to your advantage and boosting your brand visibility.


Search Engines

We turn to our mobile phones to access, lookup and research information at a tremendous rate. We now all have access to the majority of humanities knowledge at the tips of our fingers, and we access this information through search engines. Google, the sector leader, has over 623 million search queries per day and an additional 124 million voice searches. Ensuring your website is SEO (search engine optimized) ready is a must, and using advertising options like “Google Adwords” can be hugely beneficial when looking to capitalize on search engine mobile traffic. Being optimized for these search engines will not just generate vast amounts of traffic, but will boost brand credibility by ensuring your brand is among the top results based on the keywords of your industry or niche.


Video Streaming

Entertainment and content is another major draw for mobile traffic. Facebook has said they expect 90% of their content to be video-based by 2018. YouTube the industry leader in video and content streaming, has over 1.4 billion videos viewed on their platform each day. 96% of marketers use video content as a way to reach their consumers, and video is better converting than most other forms of advertising. Marketers looking to capitalize on this segment should look into short content-driven ads and use YouTube’s “True View” campaigns to make sure their content is put inform of the vast mobile audience.

With mobile continuing its domination of Internet traffic and more and more people joining the mobile droves, mobile traffic is how we all spend a large segment of our time. Finding ways to channel that traffic to your product or service is key to increasing visibility, conversion and sales revenue. All marketers should be aware of where the mobile traffic goes and look for ways to tap into the goldmine themselves.

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