Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers by Debbie Bolton



Our Rockstars program is one of the ways we recognize the contributions of the volunteers who run AMA Toronto’s operations. We have about 90 volunteers, many behind the scenes, flexing their marketing muscles and practicing their leadership skills in areas like survey design, video production or membership. It’s always such a pleasure to share their contributions with our community. We are very proud of their achievements and so fortunate to have them leading our projects and activities. Thank you!


Congratulations to Our February Rockstars


Aleksei Rogatinskii Director of Strategy and Insights


Aleksei has been leading the charge on developing and deploying the bi-annual volunteer survey. He worked with his teammates Ayesha Ajmal and Chris Stathousis as well as myself and Kristen Randall to get the Volunteer team the information we need to improve our volunteer experience. He and Ayesha also designed a set of new DEI questions to better understand the needs of our diverse volunteer base. Thank you, Aleksei!


Lindsay Tohana Marcom Account Manager Mentoring


Lindsay, a recent Masters in Marketing grad from Schulich, jumped into her role in November. She worked with Craig Lund and Elizabeth Walford to help create a new video for Mentorship and has provided amazing support to the mentoring program. She’s now signed up as a mentee for our spring Career Accelerator program starting in April. You’re off to an awesome start Lindsay!


Minh Tranh Director Membership List and Group Buys


Minh is the keeper of our membership lists and keeps us organized and updated. He’s also the mastermind behind a more streamlined and seamless group membership buy process which onboards our volunteers and mentees. I’ve had the good fortune to work with Minh on volunteer renewals. Great work Minh!   


If you’d like to learn more about our volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at

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