Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers by Debbie Bolton



Question: What do Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes have in common with AMA Toronto’s volunteer Rockstars?

Answer: They all know collaboration is a winning strategy


December’s volunteer Rockstars highlight for me the importance of collaboration in delivering great work in a volunteer-run organization. AMA Toronto volunteers have always worked remotely, even before COVID. We depend on the ideas, skills and commitment of our individual volunteers but also their ability to find ways to work together to innovate and improve and to deliver our priorities efficiently and with enthusiasm.


All our Rockstars are good team players. And this month’s Rockstars are great examples of collaboration and teamwork. I must admit, I’m biased. I work with all of them directly. Jermaine and Maithili are both program directors on my Volunteer team and Cindy is the Marcom account director who ensures our programs get the support we need.


Congratulations to Our December Rockstars


A huge THANK YOU! Your AMAzing contributions make a big difference.


Jermaine Wellington Director Volunteer Onboarding: Jermaine helps keep our volunteer list updated. His innovative thinking and work with the Marcom team has helped make these lists more efficient and useful for Marcom use and all volunteers. His collaboration with Marcom Account Director Cindy Ip to update our Onboarding PowerPoint made it an important tool for all volunteers to better understand AMA and their volunteer experience.   


Maithili Khansaheb Director of Volunteer Engagement:

Maithili started her AMA volunteer career in Charlotte North Carolina. When she moved to Toronto last summer, we were lucky she also moved to AMA Toronto. She jumped in right away to plan and run our first virtual volunteer-only event in September. She then helped relaunch our volunteer of the month program, renaming it Rockstar. She’s a creative, reliable and proactive team player who collaborates with Marcom Account Director Cindy and Membership’s MNG team to ensure our Rockstars get the profile they deserve.


Cindy Ip Marcom Account Director: Cindy is an “unofficial” member of the Volunteer team, ensuring that we get the Marcom support we need for our Rockstars program, onboarding program and other volunteer initiatives. She briefs relevant Marcom team members and ensures our communications are delivered. She worked with Jermaine to develop a new and much improved Onboarding PowerPoint for volunteers. Her enthusiasm and design skills have been much appreciated.


If you’d like to learn more about our volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at

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