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Who we are

American Marketing Association’s Toronto Chapter is a not-for-profit community of volunteer marketers who have been creating opportunities for personal and business growth for more than 60 years. Membership in AMA Toronto gives you an internationally recognized credential and access to the resources of the largest, internationally recognized marketing association with more than 20,000 members around the world.

We offer a broad range of resources and learning at both the local and international level. Locally, AMA Toronto Chapter is a welcoming community, focusing on advancing the practice of marketing and the success of marketers in Canada. Internationally, we offer marketing resources that will put you at the forefront of global industry knowledge.

Specifically, we help individuals learn best practices in both local and global marketing, connect with others and develop the skills they need to build a more successful career. Our goal is to help transform individual marketers into successful business leaders who can succeed on both a local and global stage.

Our local sponsors, partners and mentors include some of Canada’s most successful marketing and business leaders.

What we do

We believe that marketers need to take charge of their own careers and to never stop challenging themselves and growing. AMA Toronto Chapter helps you gain the training, tools and connections you need to have an increased impact in business and provide thought leadership in the boardroom and beyond.

Our events, as well as our mentoring program and annual Marketing Hall of Legends event, bring Canadian marketers together to inspire success, celebrate leadership and learn from experts on a broad range of topics. We touch and connect more than 3,600 marketers locally. And our past and present supporters include high profile business leaders.

As a member you can access a unique range of programs which includes:

Accessible learning and networking events: We host convenient and affordable monthly learning and networking events that expose you to senior level marketers across a broad range of industries. Events focus on relevant topics such as social media, branding, customer experience and loyalty and more.

Outstanding mentorship opportunities: We run one of the most extensive and successful mentorship programs in Canada. We pair more than 50 senior marketing leaders with mid-level marketers who want to accelerate their learning and move their career to the next level. Our mentees have moved into key positions. Our Marketing Hall of Legends gala recognizes the contributions of the leaders who have transformed Canadian marketing.

Recognized educational partnerships: We partner with educational institutions such as Schulich to offer you accredited marketing programs.

Rewarding volunteer opportunities: The AMA opens doors for its volunteers. Many of our volunteers have built their careers through their AMA experience. As a volunteer you can give and gain expertise as part of a fun and dedicated group that run our organization, plan and host events, develop and implement communications, interact with our members, guests, partners and sponsors and work on special projects.

Valuable local and international marketing resources: We offer research reports and education programs both at the local level through Schulich and through our international organization. You receive leading marketing intelligence through our proprietary international network of publications, webcasts, conferences, job postings and through our international and our AMA TV channel. Our tools can help you succeed in both a local and global context and understand best practices from around the world.

Unlike other marketing and professional organizations, AMA Toronto is a community that is run and supported solely through volunteers.

How We Operate

AMA Toronto has operated since 1946 as a not-for-profit organization that depends solely on volunteer efforts. We are a community of individuals that is open, friendly, fun, and professional. Our people are all doers and team players, who respect each other’s contribution, and lend support to each other. We:


  • Show our commitment through the personal actions that we take and our community-spirit
  • Foster a spirit of innovation and excellence, and successfully deliver the highest calibre events and content at an affordable cost
  • Engage the Canadian marketing community and act as a connector for people and ideas both locally and internationally
  • Take pride in helping each other grow, succeed, and to make a difference
  • We help our members become business leaders and build a more successful future for themselves, the organizations where they work and the Canadian and global business community.
The American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association (AMA) strive to be the most relevant force and voice shaping marketing around the world; an essential community for marketers.


In 2015, the “Next AMA” launched four transformational strategies for its North American operations:


  • Committing to Service Leadership to customers, members and stakeholders.
  • Providing a proactive, differentiated and modern voice for a single unified, One AMA brand, One AMA Community.
  • Establishing an Intellectual Agenda that is harmonized across all platforms and channels based on an editorial strategy to feature the tension between Best Versus Next Practices™.
  • Building a personalized and connected Marketplace of knowledge that engages the AMA in a single community—always on, always connected…One AMA Community.

For more information, check

Mark Vecchiarelli

President, AMA Toronto

President's welcome

Welcome message from Mark Vecchiarelli, President of AMA Toronto

Hello everyone!

As summer fades and we advance into September, I’d like to introduce myself and welcome you to our 2017/18 season.

As a long-time member, volunteer, and a proud alumnus of the AMA Mentor Exchange Program, I’m extremely excited to be heading up the American Marketing Association’s Toronto chapter this year!

AMA Toronto has long-delivered memorable events, whether it be creative networking events or educational panel discussions. In addition, we offer one of the best mentor exchange programs anywhere in the world, providing access to the best of the best in Toronto’s marketing community.

Another great benefit is that we are bigger than just Toronto, and even bigger than Canada. As part of the world’s largest international marketing organization, we have access to more than 70 chapters all over the globe, from Alaska all the way down to Mexico. Add to that, we are one of the longest-standing marketing organizations in the world. For over 60 years, AMA Toronto has been adding value to people’s careers and businesses. So, we must be doing something right! My goal this year is to build on these achievements and further enhance the value and benefits of AMA membership.

A key part of the new agenda will be developing engaging and purposeful programming for our community. We will increase focus on the topics that will provide you with the competitive advantage and zero in on the latest strategies and techniques, as well as the emerging technologies that drive them. We will also continue to strengthen the chapter’s signature programs — our renowned AMA Mentor Exchange program and our Marketing Hall of Legends property.

Aside from being the largest and the longest-standing marketing association in the world, I’ve come to believe that what truly distinguishes the AMA Toronto from other industry organizations is what I call “the human element.”  We go beyond the simple business card exchange, and build meaningful working relationships with our members, providing a friendly environment where the industry’s top marketers are accessible and approachable.

It’s with this point of difference in mind that I invite you to please keep an eye on our special events calendar. Our monthly learning and networking events throughout the year provide great opportunities to explore what’s new in marketing and connect with many of our members, special guests, volunteers, as well as this year’s Board of Directors.

A list of the individuals serving on the new BOD and their roles can be viewed at: AMA Toronto Board.

I am very excited to be working with a wonderful team this year and look forward to achieving great things together. I’m also excited to work with our dedicated volunteers, partners, sponsors, and of course, the entire Toronto marketing community.

I look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Mark Vecchiarelli

President, AMA Toronto

AMA Toronto Board


Mark Vecchiarelli


Mark Vecchiarelli is a creative business professional with more than 15 years of progressive experience in high-profile and high-energy environments. His expertise is demonstrated both as an employee supporting C-Level executives and as an entrepreneurial business owner providing innovative solutions.

Matt Chong


Matt Chong is the Vice President, Strategic Development and Partnership at Notable Life. As a seasoned strategist and consultant, Matt works with brands and agencies to help them better understand the young professional millennial audience in Canada. Matt is also the founder of e-commerce startup Chong Tea Co.

Michelle Flynn


As a Strategic Planner at Vyoo Brand + Content, Michelle collaborates with strategists and creative teams to ensure the success of branding and content creation for clients. Her primary joy is helping clients bring their brands to life by creating stories that are authentic to their brands and that resonate with the markets they want to talk to.

Craig Lund


Craig Lund is a marketing and business development professional specialized in selling to the C-suite marketer. Having launched three businesses in the past 8 years in the Canadian & US Market for both Canadian based and Global B2B companies in media, consulting and marketing resource management, he has developed an affinity and passion for connecting the dots for the marketing community.

Christine Andrew


Christine is a results-oriented marketing communications leader with experience developing and executing strategic marketing plans on a global scale. She has more than 12 years of progressive experience with a focus on marketing strategy and corporate communications, and a passion for digital marketing. Christine is currently Marketing Director at KPMG.

Debbie Bolton


Debbie has spent over 25 years in brand consulting and advertising, helping numerous brands position themselves for success in the B2C, B2B and not-for-profit sectors. She has helped transform a multitude of organizations by developing and delivering differentiated brand experiences that are relevant and inspire customer and employee loyalty and advocacy.

Serena Holmes


Serena Holmes is the CEO of Tigris Events, a multi award winning brand experience agency specializing in dynamic event staffing, event planning and experiential marketing. Founded in 2004, Tigris has staffed more than 250,000 hours on 10,000+ brand building activations in 15+ markets across Canada as well as a few in the United States.

Rob Maclean


Robert MacLean is an accomplished PR and corporate communications leader.  Focused on corporate reputation management, he creates communications strategies and campaigns for clients that elevate awareness, change perceptions and behaviour, and demonstrate stakeholder value.

Debbie Miller


Debbie Miller is one of Canada’s foremost experts in the Licensing industry whose marketing experience spans over 20 years.
As the founder of Studio Licensing Inc. one of Canada’s leading Consumer Products Licensing Agency, Debbie and her team specialized in helping brands expand into the Canadian marketplace

Mike Muyal


Mike is a trilingual, enthusiastic marketeer that enjoys problem solving while connecting with others on a personal level. Originally from Montreal, he grew up in consumer packaged and home goods industries working on many global, leading brands including Degree, Vaseline, Revlon, Levolor and Rubbermaid. He considers himself curious, inventive, competitive…and impatient to a degree, somewhat uncomfortable with the status quo.

Miglena Nikolova


Miglena is a senior marketing and communications strategist with 20 years experience in financial services and consulting. An expert in working closely with clients to understand their objectives, uncover deep insights about the business and the competitive environment, and design and execute high-impact campaigns.

Nancy Sahota


Nancy is a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur and a results driven marketing professional. She has over 14 years of experience in
strategy, branding, marketing communications and integrated marketing. She is passionate about creating compelling consumer experiences and thrives in dynamic environments. Nancy is currently the Head of Consumer Segment at PayPal Canada.

Christopher Stathousis


Christopher is a strategic marketer for the digital age with deep digital experience, a strong foundation in consumer insights, and a consistent track record of elevating sales and marketing effectiveness for National, Global and Fortune 500 clients and their agencies in Canada, EMEA and the USA.

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