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Connect with your customers and gain their trust by sharing a common interest when they are most likely to look for resources – at in-person events.

AMA Toronto is most widely recognized for producing paramount learning events through our roundtable and networking series. Our events typically present a moderated panel of experts across a spectrum of selective topics.

We bring Canadian marketers together to inspire success, celebrate leadership and learn from experts on a broad range of topics. Our networking and learning events provide value to the people you want to influence and an accessible forum for you to meet them face-to-face.

Value of Sponsorship

  • Significant exposure leading up to and including the event or program itself.
  • Prominent recognition in our event promotions where relevant: email blasts, mass advertising including The Globe & Mail, plus social media such as Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Work with us and our contacts to create a unique audience experience.

We are part of one of the largest marketing associations in the world, with over 20,000 members who work in, teach and study the field of marketing. AMA Toronto is a not-for-profit community of volunteers who have been creating opportunities for personal and business growth for Toronto marketers for more than 68 years.

For more information contact Mark Patenaude at mark.patenaude@ama-toronto.com

Download Package

Download the 2016-2017 Sponsorship Package

Featured Sponsor Content

  • CPG and mobile location analytics find
  • How brands are leveraging emerging technologies
  • The agency panel
  • Employee brand – How to do it right, case studies, employee engagement, roadblocks
  • WEM / CMS / WCM / Automation – How to work through the jargon and chose what to focus on
  • Generational marketing: Harvesting the whole family tree / multichannel
  • “Series: New face of marketing.
    • Collision b/w marketing & IT working strategically
    • Morphing new disciplines into marketing / The new marketer / IT , Anthro, psychology”
  • Influencer marketing (izea, influitive) – Agencies and brands that work with influencer marketing
  • CMO panel
  • Understanding your customers journey across all channels

B2B Social selling: How your biz can use social selling and the ROI on content


For more information contact Mark Patenaude at mark.patenaude@ama-toronto.com