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  • Event Time:
  • Location: Jackman Reinvents – 345 Adelaide St W (Unit 100)


Staying ahead is what separates good marketers from great marketers. The ability to adapt, lead and take risk in a technologically driven world that generates creativity and the ability to shift marketing paradigms.

Emerging Technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s marketing environment, leveraging innovators, futurists, and data scientists to create marketing initiatives that impact individuals for greater than previous marketing campaigns. Imagine watching your favourite car commercial and being able to test-drive it from your couch, or working out and having your results directly transferred to your doctor, trainer and friends. This is where the marketing landscape is and this is what we will be diving into during the panel discussion. Don’t miss out and stay on top of the shift.





Adam Green, Agency Lead at Google Canada – Adam Green runs creative advertising agency relations for Google Canada which means he helps Don Draper make cool stuff on the internet.  Prior to Google Adam worked as a management consultant, a renewable energy sector entrepreneur / engineer and an analyst in the computer hardware industry.  He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University and is a proud grad school drop-out.  When he’s not working you can likely find him outside skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing or playing in the park with his daughters. @adamjrgreen @googlecanada





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Kevin Keane, Co-Founder & CEO of Brainsights – Kevin Keane is the founder and CEO of Brainsights, a research and technology company that provides insights into the brain on content. He manages a team of neuroscientists, engineers and marketing strategists that provide content creators with the tools necessary to understand how their content is engaging audiences and consumers at the subconscious level. Brainsights’ clients include Google, RBC, Bell and Unilever. @unhabit @BriansightsTO









Zahra Rajani, Co-Founder of Jackman Digital & VP Digital Experience at Jackman ReinventsZahra is the co-founder of Jackman Digital and Vice-President of Digital Experience at Jackman Reinvents, delivering BIG – bold, insight – driven, growth – fast. In the early 2000s, Zahra quickly migrated from global communications to digital channel strategy, working with Fortune 500 companies in their first attempts to navigate the new digital realm. As an executive thought leader and customer experience Reinventionist, today Zahra leads business acceleration for cross-category retailers by connecting channels and re-creating brand relevance.  She and her team curate right-sized CX initiatives designed to capitalize on content and commerce to produce measurable return.  @wearejackman








Mark Vecchiarelli, Founder of VEKYA Inc. & KRUVE Inc. – Mark is a creative business professional with more than 15 years of progressive experience in high-profile and high-energy environments. His expertise is demonstrated both as an employee supporting C-Level executives and as an entrepreneurial business owner providing innovative solutions. @MRKVCC




Event Preview

Video 1: Chasing Shiny Things

Video 2: Connective Tissue

Video 3: Asking the Right Questions


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The Future Today: How Marketers Can Leverage Emerging Technologies











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